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As time and circumstances allow, I will be posting some of my essays here. Since my documents often contain a lot of graphics and tables and such, most of the documents posted will be in Adobe .pdf format. In order to read them, you will need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free by clicking this Adobe Acrobat Reader icon:

Ritual Tools

The Anal-retentive Guide to Oil of Abramelin: Crowley gives a very clearly defined & simple recipe for Oil of Abramelin that most Thelemites use, but it's really much more complicated than that. At least, if you want it to be. As complete an analysis of the ingredients, weights & measures, and preparation methods as this bookish neurotic could muster.


The I-Ching and Western Esotericism: This is my attempt to map Western esoteric symbolism onto the I-Ching. My primary concern was to form the correspondences; I still haven't done much to turn the correspondences into a complete divinatory system, but I often use them to shed light on the standard prognostications.


The Astrological Lilith: This is an article I wrote exploring the astrological significance of the Black Moon Lilith in the astrological charts of famous women.

Black Sun Astrology: Very few people are aware that in addition to the Black Moon -- which is already rarely used in astrology -- there is also a Black Sun (actually, several). These pages give important information about this astrological point of interest both scientific and mystical. Includes an ephemeris for 2000/2001.

Essential Dignity: An introduction to the concept of essential dignity in astrology. Dignity is a concept that a lot of modern astrologers have dispensed with, but to ancient astrologers, it was the soul of the art. Includes tables and instructions on how to calculate the 5 kinds of essential dignity. Relatively soon to be followed by an article on accidental dignity.


The Interactive Tree of Life: A helpful reference to the correspondences of the Tree of Life in Flash-graphic format. (Still under construction -- paths coming soon)

Greek Gematria and the Number 93: An article from relatively early in my exploration of Greek gematria. In retrospect, I'm not entirely satisfied with it, but there are some interesting findings.

English Kabbalah: Some preliminary results of my developing system of English Kabbalah.

Some Essential Proportions: An essay in the tradition of Iamblichus' Theology of Arithmetic, including formulae for applying geometrical proportions to gematria values.

An Index of Figural Numbers: Figural numbers are numbers defined by geometric figures. The Pythagoreans gave mystical import to some of the figural numbers, especially the number 10, which is the 4th triangular number, or the tetractys. The figural numbers most people are aware of are squares and cubes, although any polygon or polytope can be used to define number series in the same way. You can learn more about how they work by clicking here. Several numbers in traditional Thelemic gematria are also figural numbers.

Egyptian Gematria?: An attempt to map Egyptian sounds onto Hebrew letters, making possible an Egyptian Gematria. This is highly speculative, of course, but will form the basis of a (near) future Egyptian Gematria database.

Liber 244, The Book of Eternal Burning: An analysis of Liber AL, II, 76. It's pestilicious.


Liber 224, The Mass of the Two Lords: A mass based on the myth of Horus and Set, featuring violence, homoeroticism, and the Cup of Death.