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      Welcome to the Coptic Gematria database. In order to properly view Coptic output, you must have the Fayium SSK font installed on your computer. If the font is correctly installed, you should see a Coptic sentence below. If not, you will see a garbled mess. If you need help installing fonts, refer to your computer's help files.

Je sHime nim esnaas nHoout snabwk eHoun etmntero nmphue

       If you are not familiar with the gematria of Coptic, one thing you should be aware of is that Coptic letters do not all have numerical values. In order to render the sounds of the Egyptian language, six letters were added to what is essentially the Greek alphabet. These letters are not traditionally associated with numbers. One experimental aspect of this database is that I've added a serial numeration column to the database. This is problematic from a purist standpoint, both because Coptic is not known to have used serial numeration, and because the serial order of Coptic used today may not have been canonical.

       Properly speaking, Coptic refers to a writing system derivative of the Greek alphabet; it is also used as a term for the language spoken by native Egyptians before Arabic became the standard language of Egypt in the seventh century of the common era. Many people do not appreciate that Coptic is a direct descendant of the Egyptian language spoken by the Pharaohs and inscribed in monumental hieroglyphs throughout Egypt. The writing system was devised soon after Alexander's conquest of Egypt, and as a result, Coptic writings -- especially ecclesiastical and religious writings -- borrow heavily from Greek vocabulary. The Coptic in this database is taken primarily from W.E. Crum's A Coptic Dictionary and a lexicon for the Gospel of Thomas.