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Generally speaking, the things I'll be putting up here will be works in progress -- bits and pieces from projects in development. Some of the images here were from the long process of designing the new Black Sun Oasis pages, which should be up any day now. Having discovered Flash, most of them are now obsolete for that purpose, so they ended up here.

Fonts: These are two fonts that I've designed. The first is an I-Ching font containing all the trigrams and Hexagrams. I designed it for my monograph on the I-Ching, which you can find in the writings section of the site. The second is a font I designed because I couldn't find any free esoteric fonts with all the conventional symbols we occultists use to map the universe with consistent and attractive graphical elements. So it has all the planetary symbols, astrological signs, traditional and alchemical elements, and a variety of other symbols (like the Mark of the Beast, the Black Sun, the Hierophantic Cross, the Eye of Horus, Eye in the Triangle, etc.) that I found it desirable to include. Enjoy these freely -- I make no claims to ownership and reliquish all copyrights to them. If you find Esoterica useful and would like to have symbols added to the set, I'm interested in feedback. Can't promise to honor all requests, but I'd like it to be maximally useful, so let me know if you think anything is missing.



Black Sun series: This is a series of images I've done to illustrate the nature of the Black Sun


The first in a series of alchemical drawings.
Another image of the Black Sun